The 4 Qlik Community Types We All Love to Hate

This isn’t a design post, but I thought you could all relate! Add your favorites in the comments below.

1. The Vague But Desperate Poster

This poster usually includes a desperate plea for help in the title but then no information whatsoever in the body of the post.  We can tell you need help, but with what? Help us help you!


2. The Really Important Guy

This poster needs help right now.  Drop what you are working on and help him – his deadline is your deadline!


3. The TMI Poster

This poster includes his entire QVW script in his question. All thirty-four pages of it. The error is in there somewhere!


4. The Boss

This poster lists a set of requirements for the application he needs you to build. Oh, and he needs that by tomorrow afternoon. So if you could come in on Saturday…


11 thoughts on “The 4 Qlik Community Types We All Love to Hate

  1. Don’t forget the lazy guy – he obviously didn’t bother to search for a solution to his problem, which has probably been addressed many times.

  2. And the never ‘quite right’ guy, “That answers my original question, but what I really meant to ask was…”

  3. Very true. Lol! I can’t stop laughing on Steve’s comment – “I agree with Gysbert” that’s so true and I had seen it many times. I know those users by names 😉

    How about a guy – who copy & pastes the reference guide without reading the complete post but just looking at the subject line and most of the times it’s not the answer!

    I had published similar posts on community:


  4. I agree with Steve Dark 😉

  5. Those are great Deepak! I had not seen those before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think I have been all of these 🙂

  7. They are more types when posting. Example:
    linest_b doesn’t work. He is the one who found a real bug that none can solve except Qliktech themselves, but they ignore it.
    This type exists because there is not a clear and easy place to post those bugs. To place a bug you have to dare much, and of course ask permission to the Pope. Well it’s very clear: linest_b doesn’t work.

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