Flat UI

Flat UI has been the latest trend in interface design and many QlikView developers are adopting its principles in designing dashboards that are clean and easy to read.  If you are interested in jumping on the Flat bandwagon, but don’t know where to begin, download my Flat UI QVW below.  Based on inspiration from Arturo’s post here and the color schemes listed here, I have put together some sample interface components to get you started.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  For more information about Flat design and where it originates, check out this link.

Flat UI Capture

Updated Flat UI Download


9 thoughts on “Flat UI

  1. Nice template, thanks. I think you inadvertently copied repeated the Yellow colors as Orange. I think Orange shoud be:

    Orange, “rgb(230, 126, 34)”, “rgb(211, 84, 0)”, 1

  2. Whoops! Good catch, Rob.

  3. Yes, thanks for this. I like the color schemes and it helps having a head start.

  4. Thank you for sharing !! Its very helpfull

  5. Another great post. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very nice post Rebecca! Keep em coming!

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