User-Friendly Date Range Selection

When users want to search for a very specific date range, it can be time-consuming to use List Boxes to click and drag through a large date range. In addition, many novice QlikView users do not know that they can use advanced search strings to select a date range (i.e. ‘>=6/1/2010<=7/31/2010'). One way that I have found to simplify this process is by including a Calendar icon in my filters that allows users to input a From Date and a To Date and a button to 'Select' the date range.

To implement this functionality, I use variables to hide the date range selector when not in use, calendar objects to select the date ranges, and an action to select the date range in the date field. As a precaution against invalid selections, I also include an IF statement on the action and an error warning when the End Date falls before the Start Date.

Take a look at my attached example document to try it out. To use, click the Add Filter button in the upper right hand corner, then click the Calendar icon. Select a valid Start and End date and click the Select button. To return to the Filter, click the ‘Back’ arrow icon.


Date Range Select

5 thoughts on “User-Friendly Date Range Selection

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I also tend to use variables for date ranges, and some time ago posted this example to QlikCommunity – to use forward and back buttons to get to dates.

    I like the use of conditional show in your example to tuck the selection away again after use.

  2. Thanks for the post Steve! I really like your example about changing the granularity based on the possible dates selected. I will definitely have to keep that in mind.

  3. This is cool, the Triangle for when a filter is applied is disconcerting though. That triangle would typically signify that there is a problem.

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