Clean Dashboard Design

I really liked the color scheme and tabular layout of QlikView’s Plant Operations application, but I thought it was a bit crowded with so many list boxes on the left hand side. With that in mind, I set out to create a cleaner version that maintains the same functionality but offers more space for graphs and charts. I used a variable to add a filter box in the upper right hand corner, and added a notice to tell the user when the data is filtered. There is still plenty of room for sub-tabs or additional information, I just didn’t have much data. The information contained within this document is from the U.S. Trade Capacity Building Database. Included in the Zip file below is my document and a copy of the QlikView demo. See what you think!

TCB Capture

QlikView Files

One thought on “Clean Dashboard Design

  1. It looks clean and I like the alert symbol you put up in the header when filtering.

    I am a bit skeptic to your use of pie-charts. The Others segment are completely taking over your chart and it is hard to do any comparisons of the main fund-areas. I would have changed it to a bar chart and relative values.

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